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Construction of the 4 highways began in September of 2021, (no exact day recorded) The highways were mantained by Pyrubyte (Now known as Skain) each highway stretched out of spawn at least 1 thousand+ blocks. It was regularly mantained by the DTHIG (commonly known as "The Dupetable Highway Infrastructure Group") the highways (mostly the North highways) was constantly rebuilt until the group disbanded.

Inspection of the North highway reconstruction after a devastating grief.

The current player that mantains these obsidian highways is Noserme which was at war with the team Trident before it disbanded which owned Trident outpost, (a parody of Wrath outpost) on 2B2T. Dupetable did have its own full blown wrath outpost replica at some point which was Destroyed during the 32k war. it was later rebuilt and water cubed, but was destroyed again. The Current project Pyrubyte or (Skain) is undertaking is Nether hub revamp (Completed) and Nether highway expansion (halted till further notice). There are also current plans to restore the destroyed "Southern Canal" South of spawn. (Photo below is southern canal)

The Southern Canal before its destruction at spawn.

Section 2; The First incursion.

Screenshot taken during the Spawn incursion

The first incursion began during the Era of Lag Machines, The player base revolted against the said makers of lag machines by destroying their bases and stashes. Among the mass griefing of large and small stashes, a Spawn beacon was constructed to aid in building the Obsidian roof, which only covered a 100x100 block radius of spawn, (this was later expanded) and was also added to kill Crystal PvPer's. In this time period spawn was more active than it ever was. The incursion lasted for a Month+ and the spawn beacon was left abandoned. (Photo below shows the spawn beacon lava casted)

The spawn beacon with its red beam piercing through the lava cast. The EXACT location of the spawn beacon has been lost.

Misconceptions about the spawn beacon among the player base stretch from reasonable and pure insanity. One of the misconceptions often spread among the old player base are; the spawn beacon is protected by barrier blocks, the spawn beacon is world edited.

The only true myth that has been proven is bedrock being placed as the center piece of the spawn beacon. (Later destroyed) Which later sparked the second incursion more commonly known as the 32k war. The usage of Super weapons were absent during this war. Other proposed projects are; a Spawn trench that reaches to bedrock, a Lava wall surrounding spawn, flooding spawn.

Section 3: Back door's and Creation of SUPER weapons, (32k's) Beginning of the 2nd incursion.

A fromer 32k weapon (reverted to 225 super weapons equally as powerful) shown in Skain's Inventory.
This is one of the rarest photo's ever taken of one using 32k armor (reverted to 225 enchantment value) in dupetable it is unknown if other screenshots from the 32k war depicting usage of over powered armour exists.

The Exact date super weapons were created are unknown, their date of creation dates back to Late November to December Their usage were limited since most of the player base wanted them to not be patched. The largest groups at the time; Valkyrie (Soon renamed to Team Veteran) and The Arsonist, had access to these weapons of immense power. These super weapons are distrubuted near spawn in random locations deep underground in random places that cannot be accessed easily. The big 6 Prominent users of these weapons were; Pyrubyte (Now known as Skain) 404kev (unknown how many times), Meab (before server owner status) Circular Null, xPARSx (usage of "Axe of Anarchy" super weapon status when converted into one), and Dgdfdvdy. photo's of these almost Mysthical weapons of mass destruction is almost zero to none. The most rarest photo's of super weapons are 32k armor shown in the right side of the wiki.


Wrath outpost after grief.
The front of Wrath outpost completely destroyed (before it was water cubed)
Wrath outpost during its "Water cube phase"
This photo was taken in a world download of wrath outpost (terrain world edited out) during its water cube phase in dupetable
Yamato base, Banner group display
This is "The dome of server groups" which would HAD included all dupetable server groups it was later renamed to (OG Group dome/Oldest groups in the server) and displayed Valkyrie banner and Team Veteran banner in Yamato base.

The Second incursion was started due to the removal and destruction of the Bedrock center piece on the "Spawn Beacon" It was also around this time when the server recieved its first "Reset" to the item economy due to super weapons. These super weapons were "Patched" 3 days after their usage. During their usage over the server, Team Veteran started a War over the group called "The Arsonist" after the destruction of "Yamato Base" (Named after the famous WW2 Japanese Battleship) The incursions main goal is to build a replica of Wrath outpost near spawn around 500 blocks away, and to kill every single player that is associated with the "Arsonist" it was destroyed and lava casted a day later. (Photo above showing wrath outpost lava casted) it was rebuilt within 3 hours and water cubed a day after. It wouldnt be long till the 225 age begins (more commonly as the Third incursion.) The cause of said incursion was unfair advantage over the general player base. Jacobvd's attempt to purge the 32k's were not successful.

Section 4; The Chaotic beginning of the "Third Incursion" (255 war)

Spawn protest
This Screenshot shows the relentless killing's at spawn just before the 225's (32ks) were re-introduced.

This "INCURSION" did not really start until it was revealed that Pyrubyte managed to use 225's (formerly 32k's) at spawn. But it mostly boiled up to it by player protest against super weapons at Zero, Zero. (Commonly called spawn) Spawn at this time period was almost surrounded by E-Chest (Ender Chest) to prevent CPVP, when the time came to reveal the super weapons (when Skain's totem popped) The spawn protester's were met with the fury of the 225 swords, axes, Bows, etc. The screen shot shown here was the last 5 minutes of the protest before all hell breaks lose.