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The Dupetable wiki timeline is quite extensive in itself so it would be splitted into sections. Dupetable used to be hosted by Minehut a Free server hosting website. Its life started out as a Semi-Anarchy server. Most referred to the server as 2b2t Junior due to how increasingly destroyed "spawn" is... (Shown here is the spawn beacon completely Lava casted)

a screenshot of the "spawn beacon" before the construction of the Obsidian roof, and nuking of spawn.

The server's uncanny player behavior reflects the spirit of Anarchy. With that in mind, this made the server stand out among the sea of Dupe servers on minehut as it provided an almost limitless and ruleless/Lawless Environment.

This does not mean there aren't rule enforcements, as there were admin Interference when lag machines were made. This version of Dupetable was less strict than what it is now.

A Lag machine that resemble's one of dupetable's lag machines

in the dupetable timeline we call this "The Minehut age" as even dupetable itself alone Rivals even the BIGGEST dupe server in minehut. Thus ending this section of the dupetable timelines. it was also around this time when the spawn highways become'd more established